The role of testosterone in the health of man

The characteristic testosterone is a steroid hormone, usually released by Leydig cells in the testicles of people and creatures. The females produce much less testosterone in their ovaries than men make their balls. The modest amount of testosterone present in women has no male effect on them. Testosterone builds the reader and influences the disposition of both sexes.

Low levels of testosterone are often a reason to decrease sexual desire in men and women and one of the simplest approaches to solve this problem is to systematically apply a characteristic testosterone cream on the skin.

How you can process the things with or without testosterone boosters ? listed here:

Testosterone is called androgen (a masculinizing hormone). Androgens control male sexual auxiliary attributes, similar to the patterns of male hair development (facial hair, armpits, chest and groin), a deep voice and an extension of male fat. Testosterone is vital for the promotion and support of male sexual organs (testicles and penises) and for the creation of semen.

Testosterone is also an anabolic, which means it allows for heavy and bulky muscle growth. Therefore, in many countries, it is a controlled substance, mainly to control the harmful uses of sport. We will not incur the rights or errors of these laws, but we are likely to say that it can, from time to time, make things difficult for people who need the hormone for reasons of well-being.

Testosterone has fundamental anabolic effects. It affects the parity of liquids by forcing man to contain electrolytes (sodium, potassium and chloride), water and nitrogen. Testosterone has an impact on bone development by strengthening the maintenance of calcium and phosphate and, therefore, is a real incentive to prevent the onset of osteoporosis (loss of bone mass that can cause an effective bone fracture). Testosterone makes the skin progressively vascular and less fat.

The creation of testosterone increases dramatically when children enter adolescence and generally decreases when a man approaches fifty. Cleaning the testosterone cream on the arms, shoulders, middle region or scrotum can help maintain testosterone levels. Before using testosterone, regardless of the circumstances, you should consult your specialist.

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An ascending spiral of more testosterone begins with Tongkat Ali

When we have more testosterone, we are progressively dynamic and incredible in life, which forces us to produce more testosterone to maintain this abnormal state of movement and well-being. Then, when we maintain a stable life and do almost no physical exertion, our brain will cause our body to undergo a small testosterone, which will further strengthen the low levels of action and everyone will want to practice. or participate in sex. The result after a time will generally be a gradual decrease in the exercises that will keep us in shape and we will lose muscle volume for a greater muscle / fat ratio. Not only do we want to have sex, others also lose the emotion of having sex with us.

We are in a wave of low levels of testosterone and loss of well-being, or in an upward spiral of development of well-being, mass and sexuality and in any cycle in which we find ourselves, less or more It becomes a daily auto program -enriching. In the event that we dedicate some physical activity to muscle consumption, we will locate this dimension of activity more easily tomorrow, since we have created an expanded measure of testosterone.

For example, if we complete our feeding routine with, for example, the root of the Tongkat Ali tree, we will have stimulated our generation of testosterone by ensuring that our body and the gonads have the fundamental mixtures necessary for the release of All hormones, according to what is indicated by the brain. Tongkat Ali has been used for many years by Asians to help testosterone and taking into account that it does not contain hormones, it also stimulates

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